Learning Resources
Welcome to Autodesk Interactive Learning Resources for AutoCAD Civil 3D!

These learning modules have been developed for students and educators to help tackle complex civil engineering concepts while using the Autodesk BIM Infrastructure Portfolio including Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler and AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Who should take this course? Any Civil 3D user who wants a better understanding of the basic concepts behind creating designs in AutoCAD Civil 3D. You should be familiar with base AutoCAD commands such as drawing lines and polylines as well as the general behavior of AutoCAD tools. This set of lessons will be much easier for you if you have already been introduced to the interface of Civil 3D.

Watch the “Show Me” videos to see a demonstration of your lesson task, then try it for yourself with the “Let Me Try” button. It will be helpful to you if you have the companion book to these lessons, which are based off of Mastering Civil 3D 2013.